standard cell

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stan·dard cell

an electrical cell having a definite known voltage; used to calibrate other electric cells.
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SonIC-IV offers a unique architecture to handle the most advanced deep submicron cell-based IC layouts: It merges gridless, variable-die placement results with SVR's LineSearch(TM) area router.
It is a renowned fact that the use of traditional standard-cell libraries - which are designed to fit a large range of applications - is preventing cell-based ICs from reaching their full performance potential.
Materials posted online related to Bluespec are course lecture notes and lab materials that include descriptions and information on technology and scaling; area, delay, and power dissipation of gates and interconnect; VLSI implementation styles emphasizing cell-based ICs and FPGAs; hardware description languages (HDLs) including Verilog and Bluespec; clocking, power distribution, packaging, I/O, and fabrication testing.
The ASIC market includes cell-based ICs, gate arrays, and programmable logic devices (PLDs).
Magma's Blast Fusion provides a complete netlist-to-GDSII design flow for cell-based ICs.
They are offered as ASSPs and as CPU cores for gate arrays and cell-based ICs affording fast, cost-effective solutions for a wide range of applications.
PLD conversions fill the void left between the high volume requirement of cell-based ICs and the high cost of leading edge high density PLDs.