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Anders, Swedish astronomer, 1701-1744. See: Celsius scale.

Celsius (°C)

Etymology: Anders Celsius, Swedish scientist, 1701-1744
temperature scale in which 0° is the freezing point of water and 100° is the boiling point of water at sea level. To convert to Fahrenheit, multiply the Celsius by 1.8, then add 32. Also called centigrade. Compare Fahrenheit.

Cel·si·us scale

(sel'sē-ŭs skāl)
A temperature scale that is based on the triple point of water (defined to be 273.16°K) and assigned the value of 0.01°C; has replaced the centigrade scale because the triple point of water can be more accurately measured than the ice point; for most practical purposes, however, the two scales are equivalent.
[Anders Celsius]
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Maximum temperature recorded was three notches above normal; the season's average is 28 degree Celcius Delhi recorded a temperature of 29 degree Celcius on Monday, the third hottest day for December since 1901 The all- time highest temperature for December was recorded in 2011 when the mercury soared to 29.
Celcius Coffee is an artisan coffee roasting company providing coffee with a social and environmental conscience.
At the Economic Forum's annual event, six companies - Road 2 Work, Staffords, Suites Hotel, Vertex, Celcius Integrated Services and Firesafe Installations - were rewarded for their support in employing older people when the received the "Age Positive Award".
The temperature in the mineshaft is estimated between 12 degrees Celcius to 13 degrees Celcius.
It's a typical Irish winter day; 25mph winds and about negative-six degrees celcius outside.
6 and does not degrade when heated at 121[degrees] Celcius for five minutes, making it suitable for liquid formulations and beverage applications.
With variable PID temperature control u to 230 degrees Celcius and a fixed speed of 210" per minute, this light unit handles poly thicknesses that range from 2 to 6 mil.
The cooling unit chills the processor to 18 degrees below Celcius, ensuring that the chip does not heat up and lose performance.
Lieshout says that normal asphalt is likely to become soft at 50 degrees celcius, while Sealoflex becomes soft at around 90 degrees celcius.
Before joining Triple Point, Schwartz founded and launched New York-based Celcius Marketing, a marketing consultancy focused on go-to-market strategies for early stage technology companies.
Temperature in Muscat and Sohar will be around 25 degrees celcius, while it will be 27 degrees in Nizwa and Haima, and 28 degrees in Ibra.
Tenders invited for Supply and install a pultruded fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower to cool down 1000 m3 of water from 40 deg celsius to 29 deg celcius at a design wet bulb temperature of 26 deg celcius.