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John Eager, U.S. internist and endocrinologist, 1902-1985. See: Howard test, Ellsworth-Howard test.
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The marriage only lasted six months but, luckily for Anne, she wasn't beheaded - unlike his next wife Catherine Howard - and instead she was given money and a castle.
It will follow Henry as he goes through his final two wives, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr (to be played by Joely Richardson).
The lives of each of the queens are described through a label, including Catherine de Valois, Margaret of Anjou, Elizabeth Woodville, Elizabeth of York, Catherine of Aragon, Anne of Cleves, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Catherine Parr, Catherine Howard, Jane Grey, Mary Stuart, Queen Mary I, and Elizabeth I.
1542 Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII, was beheaded for adultery with Thomas Culpepper.
Mick Channon, trainer of Caldy Dancer, Catherine Howard and Majestic Desert
The small groups will then depart for Henry VIIIs State Apartments, the Great Watching Chamber and the magnificent Great Hall: passing through the Haunted Gallery where the ghost of Catherine Howard, Henry's fifth wife, is said to run screaming along the corridor.
The options were Anne of Cleves, Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon and Catherine Howard.
Catherine Howard was truly a 'butterfly broken on the wheel', but she had inflicted serious psychological damage on the King, and she was the instrument of a powerful aristocratic faction, which with her would now fall from grace.
Rachael Fairclough was the first female across the line in the mixed race with the St Helens Strider finishing in 53rd overall ahead of the Knowlsey Harriers duo of Catherine Howard and Helen Wilkinson in second and third place respectively.
1542: "I die a Queen but I would rather have died the wife of Culpepper,- said to be the last words of Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII, before she was beheaded on Tower Green.
Anyway, most of episode one was devoted to Henry's latest wife, Catherine Howard - or as we call her, Number Five.
Mrs Thompson's daughter Catherine Howard recognised the suitcase, rings, religious medals and beads.