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Objective: To assess outcomes of cataract surgery at a tertiary care hospital in Karachi.
The survey also shows that, of those who had undergone cataract surgery, 75 percent were not informed of advanced surgical options that could treat their cataracts along with other visual impairments, like astigmatism, at the time of surgery.
Treatment for cataracts is never an emergency, but, sooner or later, cataracts can become a problem for millions of adults, especially women.
Less commonly, cataracts can be caused by other eye conditions which can occur in any age group.
Higher dietary intake of vitamin C has been found to have a potentially preventive effect on cataract progression in the first twin study of cataracts to examine to what degree genetic and environmental factors influence their progression with age.
Islamabad -- Eat foods rich in vitamin C, if you want to keep cataracts at bay.
A review of avian cataracts at the Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo (Bronx, NY, USA) between 1992 and 2011 was conducted.
22) Femtosecond laser systems pre-treat the lens by using fragmentation patterns to segment the nucleus and soften hard cataracts, which can reduce the amount of ultrasonic energy from the phacoemulsification probe.
Most cataracts are age-related and they develop without apparent cause.