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Catahoula, Catahoula hog dog, Catahoula leopard dog

an American dog breed, named after a parish in Louisiana where it was used to herd hogs, but is now used for cattle. It is a large dog with a short, merle and black and tan coat.
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Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, a public lands advocacy group, filed an amicus brief in a lawsuit challenging public access to Louisiana's Catahoula Lake.
Bass, of Jonesville, was reappointed to the Catahoula Parish Board of Election Supervisors.
As he walked down the road toward the lake, a big Catahoula hog dog with liver-colored spots over her buttermilk hide trotted beside him.
Ochoco Reach introduces Mike Ironwood, his special ops brother Daniel, and Bucket, a Catahoula leopard dog who is equally at home herding cattle and pinning bad guys to the floor.
But what really got my attention on the labels, more than the fetching face of Mia, a Catahoula puppy rescued from Tennessee, wishfully licking her nose, or the pleading eyes of Rodney, a mountain hound saved from Virginia, was the declaration that some of the proceeds from these wines support no-kill shelters .
The real star of the evening, though, was Noel, a fetching 9-month-old catahoula puppy who fetched a handsome price for some lucky winner of the live auction.
Other activities during the year also included the sale of the company's 25% interest in the Catahoula Lake project, because it no longer met our strategic goals, and the review of new exploration projects which would allow greater risk diversification within our project portfolio.
At any rate, it's Sunday morning, and I'm cruising through the wide-open spaces of Catahoula Parish.
Over the years, she also has been associated with farms in Concordia and Catahoula parishes in Louisiana, Woodruff and Chicot counties in Arkansas and Bolivar County, Miss.
catahoulensis, from a blue catfish taken from Catahoula Lake in Louisiana.
For instance, in Catahoula, 1994, swirling neon tubing is braced by a vertical cone of steel rods vaguely shaped like an oil rig.