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(Casserio) (kas'ĕr),
Giulio, Italian anatomist, 1556-1616. See: Casser fontanelle, Casser perforated muscle.
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Also during this key year Casson visited an exhibition by Michael Cardew at the Berkeley Galleries in London.
It provided a useful summary of his philosophy at this time and mapped out ideas and attitudes that fascinated Casson.
Looking back on the course in 1989 Margrie and Casson outlined its core values:
Over the coming years Casson regularly produced review articles for Ceramic Review and Crafts.
In the summer of 1973 Casson left his position as Head of Department at Harrow to become a full-time potter.
12) As part of this search for relevance, Casson was not exclusively guided by functional concerns: "Still functional, yes.
14) Casson entitled his most extensive text on this subject Function and Expression: Accepting Limitations.