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cash flow,

n the reported net income of a corporation plus amounts charged off for depreciation, depletion, amortization, and extraordinary charges to reserves, which are bookkeeping deductions not paid out in actual dollars and cents. A measurement tool used in recent years to offer a better indication of the ability of a company to pay dividends and finance expansion from self-generated cash than the conventional reported net income figure.
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What she's created is a fine, extensively footnoted primer on the importance of actual cashflow and its calculation, using effective charts, diagrams and sample financial statements.
WHEN agreeing new orders, consider the impact on your cashflow.
As such, small businesses can experience real problems with cashflow at this time.
Cashflows are paid to the donor for a specified period; assets transfer to a designated charity at the end of such time.
Less than one in five companies surveyed by banking giant Lloyds TSB said they had cashflow difficulties in the past year, the joint-lowest figure in more than 10 years.
Their main areas of concern were retaining and winning new customers and cashflow.
All told, FX winds up as only one of many drivers of total cashflow.
If your suppliers trust you and understand your business they may well be willing to allow you to negotiate easier terms to avoid a cashflow crisis.
com)-- Principia Partners, the leading software provider for the portfolio management, risk and operational control of structured finance investments, today announced the key findings of a survey focusing on ABS, MBS and CDO investors' use of cashflow and waterfall models.
MORE than a quarter of SMEs in Wales are experiencing cashflow problems, with more than half attributing this to late payment.
The Chamber said that its latest findings show that, while business confidence is slowly returning, the recovery remains extremely "fragile" with widespread concerns around cashflow, corporate taxation policy and competition in domestic markets from countries emerging more quickly from recession than the UK.