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In dentistry, removal of excess filling material, using special instruments to produce accurate anatomic contours and restore form and function to the tooth.


n the shaping and forming with instruments.
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Following reports about stone carvings in the area, a team of archeologists was dispatched to investigate and discovered carvings and other remnants of old civilizations.
Peppard said that each of these carvings will sell for $175 to $375.
The design of the panels has not only pictured some decorative motifs with intricate carvings, but also responds to the local climatic conditions.
The carvings can take up to 12 hours, and there is always the risk the pencil will break.
GILGIT -- More than 30,000 ancient rock carvings in the province of Gilgit-Baltistan were falling prey to disfigurement due to lack of archeological expertise and focus by the authorities concerned.
In Now in a new revised and expanded second edition of "Spirit in the Stone: A Handbook of Southwest Indian Animal Carvings and Beliefs", professional dealer and scholar of Native American art Mark Bahti deftly explores the roles these carvings play, the artists who create them, the history of fetish carvings through the twentieth century, the stories about the animals and other objects, as well as the materials favored by carvers.
A JOINT effort has secured new sandstone carvings in a country park worth PS2,400.
A DAD-OF-THREE from Runcorn used little more than a chainsaw to create these impressive carvings.
Numerous examples of sculptures and carvings created from stone and various gem materials are known worldwide, but hand sculpting of diamond is virtually unheard of (e.
My motto is: One-of-a-kind 3D carvings that will transform an average rifle into a unique piece of art that will become an heirloom for generations to come.
Halloween Pumpkin carvings Katya |John via Facebook