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Cardiology Carvedilol or Metoprolol European Trial. A trial comparing carvedilol and immediate release metoprolol tartrate on clinical outcome in patients with moderate to severe heart failure
Conclusion Cardiovascular deaths occurred in 29% of carvedilol patients and in 35% of metoprolol patients
ENT Combined microscopic & endoscopic technique. An alternative to the technically demanding endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic sinus diseases, a technique which allows less experienced operators to manage these diseases with fewer complications
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These were the findings of the Carvedilol or Metoprolol European Trial (COMET), released today at the European Society of Cardiology's Heart Failure 2003 meeting during the official Hot Line session (1) and to be published in The Lancet on Saturday 5th July, 2003.
The Carvedilol or Metoprolol European Trial (COMET) was designed to investigate whether comprehensive Beta-1, Beta-2, Alpha-1 blockade with carvedilol was superior to Beta-1 selective blockade with metoprolol in the treatment of patients with CHF.
LONDON -- LONDON, May 12 /PRNewswire/ -- New data from the Carvedilol or Metoprolol European Trial (COMET) study were announced today by the study Steering Committee because of a significant mortality benefit in favor of carvedilol (marketed as Dilatrend(R) in Europe and as Coreg(R) in the U.