Rivero-Carvallo, Jose Manuel

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José Manuel, Mexican cardiologist, 1905–.
Carvallo sign - an increase in the intensity of the pansystolic murmur of tricuspid regurgitation during or at the end of inspiration distinguishes tricuspid from mitral involvement.
Rivero-Carvallo effect - inspiratory increase in the systolic murmur of tricuspid insufficiency.
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Lucas Bols global brand manager Ara Carvallo said: "Bols Around the World is all about passionate bartenders, their lifestyle and their career.
Moody's official, Felipe Carvallo, added that the agency expected only mild asset quality deterioration and related losses because of disciplined underwriting and conservative reserving coverage in the country.
Speaking after her convincing win over two other candidates (Teresa Yin from Taiwan and Beatrice Carvallo Suarez from Colombia), Shamian said she was planning to "be very active, very early".
They just didn't count the vote like they should have," said Elis Carvallo, 33, with the Venezuelan colors painted on her face.
The family had been kept away from the schools, but now the schools are trying to get the family involved," says Carlos Carvallo, a teacher in the city of Sagua de Tanamo, about 90 miles east of Holguln.
Carvallo and Cooper describe how they built a smart electric power grid for the Austin, Texas power company, which they expect to be the first of many.
Chilean Sebastian Carvallo, who was making a film in North Pagai, said three massive waves crashed into the house where he was staying.
One, Chilean film-maker Sebastian Carvallo, told how three huge waves crashed into the house where he was staying.
We have significant adjusting resources available throughout the country," said Javier Carvallo, president of Crawford Chile.
Natural gas vehicles for a clean environment--an overview and the trends for the future', in Carvallo, Maria da Graca, Fiveland, Woodrow A.
Maryam's fashions were designed by the Venezuelan fashion designer Oscar Carvallo.
APPARENTLY uninterested in producing a comprehensive treatise like those of the Italians (Tasso, Daniello, Minturno, Castelvetro) or his Spanish contemporaries (Diaz Rengifo, Lopez Pinciano, Cascales, Carvallo, Jimenez Paton), Lope de Vega interspersed ideas about poetry, rhetoric and poetic theory within introductory prologues, prose compositions and poems, while choosing to develop his views on theatre in the rhymed-verse treatise Arte nuevo de hacer comedias.