Carrot Cells

A popular term for elongated angulated cells in granulosa cell tumours of the ovary, a ‘soft’ criterion for differentiating them from ovarian lymphomas in which the cells are more rounded
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Oral GCD is an active form of human glucocerebrosidase which is naturally encapsulated within the carrot cells in which it is produced.
Patients received one of three doses of re-suspended carrot cells in a single oral administration during the first segment of the trial and three consecutive daily administrations during the second segment of the trial.
Oral GCD is a plant cell expressed form of the glucocerebrosidase enzyme (GCD) that is naturally encapsulated within carrot cells and administered orally.
The effects of salinity on vacuolar pH in carrot cells grown in liquid suspension cultures was recorded by using the pH data both in the absence or presence of 150mM NaCl by Reuveni (1992).
New York) will spend up to $115 million for rights to an Israeli biotech company's experimental drug and its promising technology for making that drug and others in carrot cells.
In contrast to the rapid and dramatic toxic effects on whole carrot cells, we found that RGD was not toxic to plant cells from which the cell wall had been removed (protoplasts).
Later, a pair of research teams demonstrated that providing the right regulatory chemicals to undifferentiated carrot cells could make them start forming an embryo.
Results of an experiment flown in September 1989 on Kosmos 2044 (Biokosmos 9), by a collaborative group of Scandinavian and Soviet workers using fresh protoplasts prepared from suspensions of embryogenic carrot cells and from hypocotyls of rape (Brassica napus), are of particular interest to us in the context of this review, since they used the technique of protoplast immobilization in 1% agarose (alginate solution) along with a low temperature of 4 [degrees] C to slow down wall regeneration.
We have previously shown that RGD inhibits the process of somatic embryo formation within 3 days of application to cultured carrot cells, a result which implicates integrin in plant developmental processes.
On the single-cell level, Howell and his colleagues inserted the luciferase gene into cultured carrot cells.
The recipient wild carrot cells were treated with enzymes to remove the cell wall and expose the cell membrane.