Carpentier, Alain

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Alain, 20th century French cardiothoracic surgeon.
Carpentier annuloplasty
Carpentier annuloplasty ring prosthesis
Carpentier-Edwards aortic valve prosthesis
Carpentier-Edwards bioprosthesis
Carpentier-Edwards bioprosthetic valve
Carpentier-Edwards mitral annuloplasty valve
Carpentier-Edwards pericardial valve
Carpentier-Edwards porcine prosthetic valve
Carpentier-Edwards valve
Carpentier ring
Carpentier stent
Carpentier tricuspid valvuloplasty
Carpentier valve
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The Carpentier-Edwards Pericardial valve is the first new artificial heart valve approved for use in the United States in five years.
The Carpentier-Edwards Pericardial valve is made of bovine pericardial tissue, the thin membrane surrounding the heart of a cow.
During clinical trials, the Carpentier-Edwards Pericardial valve was studied in 719 patients at 10 medical centers nationwide.