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Alternative nutrition A beta carotene-rich vegetable—Daucus carota—widely regarded as a ‘healthy food’; consumption of carrots is said to decrease the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and macular degeneration
Vox populi A popular term for any incentive for a person to do something
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It doesn't have to be long periods--even for 10 minutes," says Carota, who typically lets five or six dogs run together to give them short bursts of continuous exercise.
The assessment of biological activities associated with the major constituents of the methanol extract of 'wild carrot' (Daucus carota L) seeds.
Structural and sensory characterization of compounds contributing to the bitter off-taste of carrots (Daucus carota L.
In this instance, Daucus carota is used for normalizing estrogen levels and correcting irregular menses, Abroma augusta used as a uterine tonic and correcting irregular menses, Commiphora myrrha to provide an anti-inflammatory effect, Ferula asafoetida to prevent heavy bleeding during menses, and Aloe vera to exert an anti-inflammatory and a healing effect.
Expression and assembly of cholera toxin B subunit (CTB) in transgenic carrot (Daucus carota L.
171-180) utilizaram plantas de Daucus carota (cenoura) como bioindicadoras, comprovadamente sensiveis ao dioxido de enxofre (S[O.
red pepper (Capiscum annum) and carrot cubes (Daucus carota L.
The authors are indebted to Peter Davis for fiscal policy guidance and Peter Carota for research assistance.