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An order of chiefly flesh-eating mammals that includes the cats, dogs, bears, civets, minks, and hyenas, as well as the raccoon and panda; some species are omnivorous or herbivorous.
[L. carnivorus, fr. caro (carn-), flesh, + voro, to devour]


Fringe oncology
An extract of the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) patented by a German physician, Helmut Keller, which he believed to be effective against cancer.


an order of EUTHERIAN mammals containing bears, weasels, wolves, cats and seals, most of which have small, sharp incisors, large pointed canine teeth (for piercing flesh), and CARNASSIAL TEETH.

carnivora (kär·niˑ·v·r),

n a phytonutrient derived from the juice of the insectivorous plant, Venus Flytrap
(Dionaea muscipula). Has been used to treat chronic diseases, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV, and herpes infections.
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However, thereafter, as the notebook covers carnivora (cats and dogs are the examples) and ungulates (hooved animals), the writing becomes more Darwinian again, particularly with this interesting sentence: "The domestic dog is supposed to be descended from the wild dog of Australia" (61).
As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, several efficient anticancer treatments have already been removed from the market, decreasing the possibilities and alternatives to treat cancer with better results; for example, Polyerga injectable, Carzodelon, Wobe-Mugos injectable, Carnivora injectable, and others.
The order Carnivora is divided into 16 families, 13 of which are terrestrial.
aRt at 540 West 28th continues to host CARNIVORA, a debut exhibition by artist Jason Covert.
O dourado Salminus brasiliensis e uma especie carnivora com ampla distribuicao geografica, encontrado no Brasil nas bacias do rio da Prata, Sao Francisco e nas ligadas ao sistema lagunar da Lagoa dos Patos.
Table 1: Wildlife species population structure in study location of Kwale Forest Reserve CLASS ORDER FAMILY COMMON NAME ORDER MAMMALIA Carnivora Viverridae March mongoose African Civet Felidae Forest Gene Mustelidae Palm civet Serval Leopard Cape Clawless Otter Carnivora Carnidae Fox Mustelidae Spotted necked otter Warthog Artiodactyla Red River--hog Suidae Hippopotamu Hippopotamus Bovidae African buffalo Sitatunga Blue duker Kob, Bushbuck Primate Galagidae Dwarf Galago Cercopithedidae Mona monkey Pata monkey White-nose monkey Rodentia Sciuridae Redless Tree- Squirrle Giant forest- Cricetidae Squirrel Gambian Giant-rat.
The tiger (Panthera tigris) belongs to the order Carnivora, the family Felidae and genus Panthera.
The patient died soon after treatment with Carnivora began.
Just as a bear, of the genus ursus, and a skunk, of the genus mephitis, should not be confused although they both belong to the order carnivora, he argued, so too marriage and prostitution should not be confused even though they both belong to the order "use of sex.
Contributors discuss George Gaylord Simpson and the history of paleomammalogy, anatomical evidence for superordinal/ordinal eutherian taxa in the cretaceous, molecular evidence for major placental clades, insectivoran-grade placentals, and characteristics of macroscelidea & tubulidentata, paenungulata, xenarthra & pholidota, euarchonta, glires, chiroptera, carnivora, perissodactyla, artiodactyla, and cetacea.