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J. Aldan, U.S. pathologist, *1934. See: Carney complex.
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Brian Carney, 49, is an attorney from Midland, Texas, where he has practiced law at the Law Office of Brian Carney since 1992.
But Carney slammed the practice in a speech in Singapore and suggested there was need for reform to claw back pay from bankers caught up in wrong-doing.
Raiders CEO Don Furner was adamant that the club is not contemplating of tapping Carney after the latest controversial incident, according to a report from Lee Gaskin from (http://www.
Chancellor George Osborne announced the appointment of Mr Carney - currently governor of the Bank of Canada and chair of the global Financial Stability Board - in a statement to the House of Commons.
CANADIAN banker Mark Carney was named as the next governor of the Bank of England.
By contrast, under Carney the Bank of Canada pioneered using a commitment to long-term low interest rates as a policy tool, one that BoE has rejected using so far.
Carney Also served at Bay Networks, where he was Executive Vice-President and General Manager of the Enterprise Business Group, the company's largest business unit.
Carney, general manager of RTA Transit Services, which operates the city buses.
Canadian Mark Carney begins his job as governor of the Bank of England on Monday, joining an institution divided on whether to pump out more cash stimulus to boost Britain's fragile economic recovery.
Mark Carney has worked with Goldman Sachs for 13 years.
He picked Mr Carney and asked him to give guidance on interest rates.
Washington, Rajab 12, 1434, May 22, 2013, SPA - Europe could face "a decade of stagnation" unless it makes major reforms and should follow the lessons of Japan, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney said Tuesday as he emphasized Tokyo's "bold" moves to support growth.