Eric, 20th-century Swedish otolaryngologist. See: Carlen tube.
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As Carlen records, the early 1990s folk devil of "unattached youth" provoked "penal fantasies--from hard labour for ten-year-olds, to bringing back corporal and capital punishments" (Ibid.
Wilson's chapter from his Thinking about Crime, from Michael Tonry and Andrew von Hirsch on `Proportionality' to Nigel Walker, Norval Morris and Paul Hirst, Pat Carlen and Thomas Mathiesen.
This approach, which criminologist Pat Carlen (1998) calls "transcarceralism," fails to challenge the logic of punishment as a response to social problems.
None the less, they remain essentially that: rhetorical claims which may be contested on a variety of ethical or moral grounds (see, for instance Carlen 1983, Hudson 1987, Braithwaite and Pettit 1990).
Pat Carlen challenges the tendency to study women's imprisonment separately from men's and raises some interesting questions for prison researchers.