Eric, 20th-century Swedish otolaryngologist. See: Carlen tube.
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But genetic evaluation of mastitis is particularly difficult as it is a low heritable trait and categorical in nature (Rupp and Boichard, 1999; Carlen et al.
Two absorbing contributions from Lawson and Carlen point to the problems which may arise when potentially sensitive areas of frontline practice (race and gender respectively) are opened up to the outside observer.
103) These views have been put forward in Joe Sim, Medical Power in Prisons: The Prison Medical Service in England 1774-1989 (Milton Keynes, 1990); Pat Carlen, "Psychiatry in Prisons: Promises, Premises, Practices and Politics," in Peter Miller and Nikolas Rose (eds.
Ouanounou A, Zhang L, Tymianski M, Charlton MP, Wallace MC, Carlen PL.
Joseph Schwarz, Michael Weisspapir, Peter Carlen present the results of an animal study utilizing the company's intraoral transmucosal Lorazepam, in a proprietary self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery (SNEDDS).
The latest addition to the consultant bench is Carlen Nell, also a junior travel consultant.
That Carlen has white in three of those remaining games cannot be very comforting either to the Anand Camp.
In order to reach the final game Safaviyeh has now to win the match against Carlen Palian from Russia, the Islamic republic news agency reported.
The nine graduates include Holley Beach, Alexandra Huffman, Sophia Kearney, Jingsong Ling, Nathan Mattox, Julian Navarro-Saucedo, Kristen Taylor-Ladd, Peng Teng and Carlen Weber.
Carlen Lavigne notes how the BBC Sherlock deliberately plays with homoerotic subtext "only to deny, even lightly mock, such readings" (16), "never quite letting the possibility of homoerotic tension fade" (20).
Our guests come here for the complete Italian dining experience, the foods, wines and beers of Italy," says Jason Carlen, wine director and sommelier for Spiaggia/Cafe Spiaggia, a fine-dining establishment in Chicago.
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