Cardio Workout

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Any type of aerobic exercise—treadmill, rower, stepper or stationary bike—which causes the heart to pump at 60% to 70% of its maximum rate; a optimal workout is thought to be > 20 minutes
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Cardiovascular workout sessions last about an hour with classes divided into ability groups.
Americans want a high aerobic, cardiovascular workout without the impact, according to exercise statistics.
Sunday - Spinning demonstration by spinning instructor and trainer Rich Herbert; Jazzercise cardiovascular workout.
Volleyball will give an excellent cardiovascular workout, but there are various movements and actions that contribute to a good workout.
Grandma's is a stateof-the-art adventure play centre where youngsters aged up to 11 are given a 45-minute cardiovascular workout.
The three disciplines give a fantastic cardiovascular workout.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- America's first cross-cultural fitness star, Sarina Jain, gained attention for combining a vigorous cardiovascular workout with the high-energy moves of Bhangra, the Indian dance that is the trademark of thousands of Bollywood films.
Sand dune sprints: Sprinting along the beach or up and down a sand dune provides an excellent cardiovascular workout.
High revolutions and a variation of intensity equal a sweat-drenching cardiovascular workout which burns an average of 600 calories or more in 40 minutes.
The program features Nautilus(R) 2ST or Nautilus Nitro(R) training machines for leg extensions, leg curls, hip abduction, abdominal and low-back work and upper body training, along with treadmills, StairMaster(R) stairclimbers and recumbent bikes for a cardiovascular workout.
The Infrared Cellulite Bike combines the benefits of infrared light and a cardiovascular workout to improve microcirculation, thus causing the elimination of toxins in the body which otherwise get lodged in fat cells causing cellulite.
This new service gives hotel guests the ability to get a great cardiovascular workout on their own schedule in the privacy and convenience of their own room.