Cardio Workout

Any type of aerobic exercise—treadmill, rower, stepper or stationary bike—which causes the heart to pump at 60% to 70% of its maximum rate; a optimal workout is thought to be > 20 minutes
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iCardio Fitness is currently offering 1 free cardio workout session that will give new comers an idea about the iCardio workout, atmosphere, and a chance to try it out.
CARDIO WORKOUT |Surfing will get your heart pumping
THERE'S been numerous research studies carried out on the benefits of performing your cardio workout while in a fasted state (before breakfast).
A good 10-minute cardio workout not only makes you break a sweat, but also releases endorphins or happy hormones - thereby enhancing your mood and relaxing your mind.
A Bokwa class involves the participants drawing letters and numbers with their feet while performing a cardio workout routine to popular music.
Life is sweat: During the class, the sweat running down your face, back and chest is a great indication of how superb a cardio workout you are getting.
Cross-country skiing will tone your upper and lower body and give you a great cardio workout.
This session was more of a cardio workout - stints on the cross trainer, rowing machine and bike (on the hardest setting) were an invigorating start to the day once I was awake enough to appreciate it.
Using the grace of ballet and stamina of pilates, this high intensity, low impact cardio workout allows you to strengthen specific areas such as your thighs or stomach and instead of creating bulky muscle mass, helps you sculpt a leaner figure.
In parallel to Bahrain City Centre's month-long Spring Fashion campaign, the mall also staged an empowering cardio workout.
Calorie Killer Yoga combines the mind-focused aspects of yoga that help to reduce stress and combat unhealthy eating habits with an intense cardio workout.
For people who love dance, Virgin Active have launched Fierce, an African tribal dance class that aims to improve flexibility, strength, and acts as a cardio workout.