anterior cardiac veins

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an·te·ri·or car·di·ac veins

two or three small veins in the anterior wall of the right ventricle opening directly into the right atrium independently of the coronary sinus.
Synonym(s): venae cardiacae anteriores [TA]
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The sinus receives the middle and small cardiac veins close to its junction with the right atrium.
SUMMARY: The coronary sinus (SC) is the main end of the cardiac veins, being the principal vein of the heart, draining all its blood, except that driven by the anterior cardiac veins and the minimum cardiac veins.
Attain Ability Plus enables physicians to reach and maintain the target vein, providing stability in medium-to-large venous anatomies, while Attain Ability Straight allows physicians to maneuver through small cardiac veins.
With the Attain StarFix's new lobe technology, physicians now have a lead option that can be safely secured in even the most challenging cardiac veins," said Herbert Naegele, M.
These catheters are highly specialized to give physicians a range of choices as they work from outside the body to select the most appropriate cardiac veins leading to the heart's lower left chamber (ventricle) and safely maneuver an insulated lead through them to carry electrical impulses from an implanted CRT device.
Electrophysiology (EP) software - Empowers electrophysiologists with knowledge of the heart's complex anatomy, offering detailed insight into a patient's left atrium, pulmonary veins, coronary sinus and cardiac veins.
Both new delivery systems allow contrast injection through the lumen to help visualize the anatomy, especially the cardiac veins on the left ventricle.
It is a steroid eluting, 6 French lead that can be delivered by stylet or guidewire and is designed to be maneuvered within cardiac veins and provide stability once in place.
The Attain OTW lead lets me choose among more cardiac veins and access them more easily.
The curves in the distal lead body provide good stability in cardiac veins.
The soft-tip design of its guide catheters may reduce the chances of trauma to delicate cardiac veins, and its longer guide catheter sheaths are designed to facilitate more secure lead placements.
The small size of the guidewire-like PATHFINDER Mini provides access to smaller cardiac vessels and enables multiple microcatheters to be placed in the cardiac veins to obtain greater information in a shorter period of time.