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Studies have shown a strong connection between the presence of the levels of these carcinogens in a city and death.
Formaldehyde, deemed a carcinogen in the latest Report, is found in many products used in homes, businesses, and schools.
This is the first example of a strong oral cavity carcinogen that's in smokeless tobacco," said Stephen Hecht, Ph.
Four other substances were classified as reasonably anticipated human carcinogens.
Aristolochic were also added to the list as a known human carcinogen.
According to Cancer Search UK, it is a mistake to believe that carcinogens are the only cause or that they will definitely lead to cancer.
On the other side of the Atlantic, the European Union has been working on its Cosmetics Directive, a regulatory action that requires European cosmetic companies and international companies marketing their products in the EU to eliminate chemicals in their products that are known or strongly suspected of being carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxins.
Hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses and some types of the human papillomavirus were also added to the list of known human carcinogens, now totaling 58 agents.
SANTA CLARITA - The Castaic Lake Water Agency will change the way it disinfects Santa Clarita's drinking water to guard better against a suspected carcinogen that forms when plant life or other organic material gets into pipes.
Doctors have long feared that carcinogens might pass from a woman's bloodstream into her womb.
But exposure to carcinogens can cause concern through the two-hit mechanism.