carbon fiber

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carbon fiber

a material consisting of graphite fibers in a plastic matrix. It is used in radiological devices to reduce patient exposure to x-rays.


a chemical element, atomic number 6,atomic weight 12.011, symbol C. See Table 6.

asymmetric carbon atom
one bonded to four different atoms. See also isomer.
carbon fiber
made by the pyrolization of polymer fibers at very high temperatures and used in various forms as soft tissue implants, particularly in tendon and ligament repair.
carbon fixation
see dark reaction.
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PlastiComp says that the new products improves the performance range of long fibre material options available to product designers while providing a cost effective way to adopt the high performance abilities of carbon fibre.
Sabic will first use the technology for a new carbon fibre plant to be built in Saudi Arabia.
Carbon fibre is a material consisting of extremely thin fibres.
Actually, carbon fibre was used on all America's Cup-class boats during the 2000 series in Auckland, including their sails.
For the first time, it will address not just key issues in the carbon fibre value chain, but crucially, will also give expert insight into the entire manufacturing process for carbon fibre from beginning to end.
As part of the $103 million Australian Future Fibres Research and Innovation Centre, Carbon Nexus will provide a platform for innovative carbon fibre and materials research, Dr Napthine said.
SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers, a joint venture of SGL Group and BMW Group (Xetra: BMW), is opening a new carbon fibre manufacturing plant in Moses Lake, Washington.
The automotive industry is already incorporating carbon fibre in their high-end products and are eagerly researching on ways to do the same across all segments," said Technical Insights Research Analyst Vivek Ninkileri.
Toray says that applications for carbon fibre have been rapidly growing in aerospace, industry and sport fields, because of the high specific strength and tensile modulus as well as the high dependability derived from superior fatigue properties and high environmental durability.
SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers, a joint venture of BMW AG (Xetra: BMW) and SGL Group, has started construction of its carbon fibre manufacturing facility at Moses Lake, Washington.
Report Details The carbon fibre composites market will exhibit strong growth in the near future across many industry sectors and applications.
5 Major Recycled Carbon Fiber ProducersCFK Valley Stade Recycling GmbH & Co KG (Germany)ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd.