Carbon Tax

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A proposed tax that would be levied against high consumers of heating oil, gasoline, electricity, etc., in an effort to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases
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Steve Wright, of the Chelan County PUD, took an official position that they don't have an official position on the Carbon Tax bill, but expressed concern that a hastily fashioned initiative could have a negative impact on the PUD's bottom line, therefore, the Carbon Tax bill coming from the legislature could be less detrimental to the PUD.
The concept of carbon tax utilizes current tax collection schemes, so there are no additional costs.
For these reasons, governments and scholars have been very concerned about the influence of a carbon tax on the carbon-reduction and trade competitiveness of the paper-making industry.
A carbon tax adheres to the principle that society should tax things it seeks to discourage, whether it's cigarette smoking or burning fuels that contribute to climate change.
The modelling results suggests that the carbon tax will have a significant impact on reducing South Africa's GHG emissions and would lead to an estimated decrease in emissions of 13 to 14.
The next section of this paper provides the literature review regarding the assessment of the impact of a carbon tax on the economy.
Third, Obama's proposal ignores research that shows Republicans are more likely to support a carbon tax if the government returns the money gained.
A carbon tax would also be much easier to administer than some of the other climate change policies that many leaders, including President Barack Obama and Governor Jerry Brown of California, have backed.
Brendan Pearson, chief executive of the Minerals Council of Australia, said, "The removal of the world's biggest carbon tax is an important step toward regaining the competitive edge that Australia lost over the last decade.
The two airlines will be directed to provide internal documents that will show ACCC how they price their tickets if only to prove their claims they have no savings from the repealed carbon tax.
Global Banking News-June 24, 2014--Former US government official calls for the implementation of a carbon tax