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Reacts with carbohydrates (including uronates and deoxypentoses) giving colors characteristic of the sugar type; used for assay and analysis of carbohydrates and formaldehyde, and as a dye intermediate; sensitive to ultraviolet light.
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The physical models of main nitrogen-containing species, including indole, pyridine, quinoline, carbazole and amide, were created according to the structural characteristics of Huadian oil shale kerogen [3, 7].
Detection of SPP1 was performed using a biotinylated horse-anti-goat secondary antibody at 1:200 dilution, avidin/biotin (VECTASTAIN[R] Elite ABC), and aminoethyl carbazole substrate.
Antioxidant and radical-scavenging carbazole alkaloids from the oleoresin of curry leaf (Murraya koenigii spreng).
koenigii is known to be the richest source of carbazole alkaloids.
2013) Total synthesis of the neuronal cell-protecting carbazole alkaloids carbazomadurin A and (S)-(+)-carbazomadurin B.
Analgesic activity of carbazole alkaloid from Murraya paniculata Linn.
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Color pigments include bismuth vanadate yellows, indanthrone blue, isoindoline yellow, monoazo, dairylide and benzimidazolone yellows and oranges, azo and quinacridone reds and maroons; DPP reds; carbazole violet; phthalo blues and greens.
The fluoren-9-one and carbazole derivatives were quantitatively the most important compound types in the low polar hetero-compound fraction obtained from the Posidonia Shale bitumens by liquid chromatography.
Curaxins include CBL0137, which is a carbazole and CBL0102, which is a quinacrine.
According to the companies, Curaxins include CBL0137, which is a carbazole, and CBL0102, which is a quinacrine.
There were shortages of titanium dioxide, nitrocellulose and carbazole violet, to name a few Rosin resin prices were another significant concern during this time.