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A trial comparing immediate and late Rotablator results using either large burrs for maximum debulking (debulking strategy) or small burrs to modify lesion compliance (modification strategy).
Primary endpoints
Major acute coronary events (MACE) at 6 months.
Lesion modification with small burrs achieves similar immediate lumen enlargement and late target-vessel revascularisation as aggressive debulking, with fewer angiographic complications.


n a standard of fineness of gold, 24 carats being taken as expressing absolute purity.
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Color and clarity are predetermined by nature, but within the limits imposed by the rough stone, the particular shape as well as the carat weight and cut are determined in the production process.
View Images: 169 Carat Heart-Shaped Pink Emerald at Link Below: http://www.
9 million worth of the diamonds totaling to 736,700 carats at an average price of US$101 a carat in May this year, quantity and value have grown by 2.
ZCDC made $3,5 million profit in March by selling 218 278 carats; $2,2 million from 222 528 carats in April and $900 000 by selling 72 563 carats in May from the two operations.
The overall diamond output for the group in 2012, in the meantime, grew to 13 122 000 carats from 11 733 000 mined in the previous year.
According to Trans Hex, the company sold each rough diamonds at record average price of $1,782 per carat.
Picking assay results from over 300 till samples confirm promising diamond potential on 33 CARATS EXTENSION.
Historical diamond production by garimparos in the Chicoria Creek area, which straddles the adjoining Permit 213 and Mining Concession 214, has reputedly produced diamonds in excess of 200 carats in size.
WWW") has determined a modeled value of US$88 per carat for a parcel of 459 carats of diamonds recovered from the Renard cluster of kimberlitic bodies.