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A trial comparing immediate and late Rotablator results using either large burrs for maximum debulking (debulking strategy) or small burrs to modify lesion compliance (modification strategy).
Primary endpoints
Major acute coronary events (MACE) at 6 months.
Lesion modification with small burrs achieves similar immediate lumen enlargement and late target-vessel revascularisation as aggressive debulking, with fewer angiographic complications.


n a standard of fineness of gold, 24 carats being taken as expressing absolute purity.
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Halle Berry: Platinum and 10 carat diamond drop earrings, and platinum rings with fancy colored diamonds by Neil Lane.
Jodie Foster - Martin Katz - Diamond Cuff Bracelet, 62 carats
7 stones in the 10 - 20 carat range - 3 stones in the 20 - 30 carat range - 1 stone in the 30 - 40 carats range - 1 stone in the 40 - 50 carat range
8 million per carat price broke the previous blue diamond record of $1.
n Seven-carat Brazilian emerald earrings set with four carats of brilliant diamonds in 18-carat white gold.
At 478 carats it is the 20th largest rough diamond yet found, says Gem Diamonds, owner of Letseng Mine, in Lesotho, South Africa, where the stone was unearthed.
This year, Angola s diamond production is likely to total 10 million carats and give revenues of US$1.
7 carats of white diamonds, rose gold henna rings (3.