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He scrutinizes the evidence the courts gathered and the laws it used to convict men and women of capital crimes.
Tariq Masood said the Interior Minister had supported the force in every context and it was the responsibility of police department to make sincere efforts to fulfil the expectations of minister for making capital crime free.
In previous unsuccessful appeals, Vasquez's attorneys argued that the murder shouldn't have been considered a capital crime because Vasquez didn't kill Cardenas intending to rob him, according to court documents.
The charge against Mohammad Ali is more serious, a capital crime.
Fundamentalists in Shariah4Pakistan accused Malala of apostasy - a capital crime under some interpretations of Sharia.
First, for the last 20 years it has been impossible to get a conviction for a capital crime without the use of DNA evidence.
Several stories describe what the authors call the "awful" legal representation provided for capital crime defendants; the inference is that some of the inmates may have not have received death sentences if they were defended by competent, better-compensated attorneys who met with their clients for more than a few hours.
intentional homicide an offense actionable by the government" and that homicide became a capital crime when political power was concentrated in the hands of a small group or in an individual (1).
Judges Markandeya Katju and Gyan Sudha Mishra said honor killings fall within the "rarest of rare" category and deserve to be a capital crime.
Lowe joins a host of talented mystery writers being published by Capital Crime Press.
Yes, he had a dip in recent weeks but he is not the only one to do that and it is not a capital crime.
The senator's varying versions of the same story may say something about his credibility, but to seize on the technicalities of ancient indiscretions is to make a capital crime out of a misdemeanor.

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