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(kap′ĭ-ler″ē) plural.capillaries [L. capillaris, hairlike]
1. Any of the minute blood vessels, averaging 0.008 mm in diameter, that connect the ends of the smallest arteries (arterioles) with the beginnings of the smallest veins (venules).
2. Pert. to a hair; hairlike.

arterial capillary

One of the very small vessels that are the terminal branches of the arterioles or metarterioles.

bile capillary

One of the intercellular biliary passageways that convey bile from liver cells to the interlobular bile ducts. Also called bile canaliculus.

blood capillary

One of the minute blood vessels that convey blood from the arterioles to the venules and form an anastomosing network that brings the blood into intimate relationship with the tissue cells. Its wall consists of a single layer of squamous cells (endothelium) through which oxygen diffuses to the tissue and products of metabolic activity enter the bloodstream. Blood capillaries average about 8 μm in diameter.
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lymphatic capillary

A thin-walled lymphatic vessel at the beginning of a branch of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic capillaries have closed ends, but have no basement membranes and are more permeable than blood capillaries. Fluids, salts, proteins, large molecules, particles, debris, microorganisms, and migrating cells can pass from the interstitial spaces into lymphatic capillaries. Lymphatic capillaries lead to larger lymphatics that transport the lymph to lymph nodes. See: illustration

secretory capillary

Any of the very small canaliculi that are part of the secretory outflow path receiving secretion discharged from gland cells.

venous capillary

One of the minute vessels that convey blood from a capillary network into the small veins (venules).


The smallest arteries which, in the lung, are located next to the alveoli so that they can pick up oxygen from inhaled air.

capillaries (kapˑ··ler·ēz), small, thin-membraned, permeable blood vessels that link arterioles and venules, feeding and removing wastes from the tissues through which they pass.
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Further longitudinal growth and branching of capillaries inside a newly formed villus as well as the formation of new villi enlarges the total areas of capillary wall and trophoblast available for materno-fetal transport.
Overall, the CIC consistently provides better process control over conventional capillaries in both fine and ultrafine pitch applications by providing higher ball shear strength and consistent first bond formation.
To study the influence of the capillary length on the salt rejection, wavy capillaries of different lengths, having same wave length and amplitude, were also investigated.
The onset of sprouting and the growth and development of sprouts and buds of the choroidal capillaries were observed for 6 days in culture.
It is not known what in the genetic code makes these capillaries grow in this way.
This also has the advantage that specialized cartridges are not necessary, thereby reducing the cost of capillaries and holders.
This process not only helps open the existing capillaries that are critical for healthy scalp and hair, but it may also help promote the growth of new capillaries.
Heparin capillary, bottle of 200 capillaries,capillary without heparin, bottle of 200 capillaries,curitas round,plastic racks for yellow tips,plastic racks for blue tips etc.
The following parameters were determined for each photomicrograph (n=10 per slide/ewe): tissue area, shrinkage area (the effect of fixation that was subtracted from the tissue area), cross-sectional capillary area density (CAD, total capillary area as a proportion of tissue area), capillary number density (CND, total number of capillaries per unit of tissue area), and capillary surface density (CSD, total capillary circumference per unit of tissue area).
With a diameter of just 8 [micro]m, capillaries are the smallest blood vessel.
2] of the mixed venous blood entering the pulmonary capillaries is approximately 40 torr.