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Meyer O., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Cantor tube.
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People want a focal point for their love, and being part of a society like this does that,'' said 39-year-old Dave Griem of North Hollywood, who belongs to the Cantor society and also heads the Al Jolson Society in Southern California.
For more information on the Eddie Cantor Appreciation Society, call Michelle at (818) 907-8895, or e-mail her at cantorfan(at)aol.
This momentous event signifies the recognition of Cantor Helfgot's extraordinary talent as on par with opera's most accomplished singers, and the burgeoning popularity of what is affectionately known as "Jewish soul music.
On Saturday, the public can hear the cantors ply their trade.
THE FACTS WHAT: Kol Echad Choral, featuring the three cantors of the Conejo Valley.
There's not one full-time Orthodox cantor in the San Fernando Valley," Fox said, noting that the area - together with the Antelope, Santa Clarita, Conejo and Simi valleys - is home to roughly 217,000 Jews.
Stern, a tenor, learned his craft from his father, a cantor in an Orthodox Jewish community in Budapest.
Motzen, a native of Tel Aviv who made his singing debut at age 6, sings for a synagogue in Montreal and is a fifth-generation cantor.