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Meyer O., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Cantor tube.
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That feat, as rare as pitching a no-hitter, won the grudging admiration of the acerbic New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, who wrote that "somehow the most well-known person on the planet lost control of the economic message to someone named Eric Cantor.
Since entering the House in 2001, Cantor has been the consummate party insider.
WOODLAND HILLS - For a cantor who has performed in a Broadway musical and played with the U.
For this one, I want the congregation to sense the joy in bluegrass music but I want the focus to be on prayer,'' said Michael Stein, the cantor behind the innovative service at the Conservative Jewish congregation.
NEW YORK -- Cantor Fitzgerald is pleased to announce the hiring of Mark Mothner as Senior Managing Director and Co-Head of Government Agency and Supra/Sovereign Trading, reporting to Cantor's CEO Shawn Matthews.
The president of the Eddie Cantor Appreciation Society is 28 years old.
International humanitarian and Cantors World board member Dr.
Using a strategy of tickets sold through synagogues, the combination of big-name Jewish recording artists, dancers, cantors and synagogue participation has resulted in an almost sold-out show.
I even called up the Army to see if they needed a chaplain on reserve, but I found out I was too old by a couple of years,'' said Cantor Jason van Leeuwen of Temple Ramat Zion.
Cantor Susan Caro plans to discuss how women clergy have influenced Reform Judaism over the past 25 years.
Duties for religious services are shared by rabbis and cantors.
This has been a dream to bring these cantors together.