Candy Man

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A regional term for a drug pusher
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Johnny Depp didn't need to be asked twice when he was invited to star as legendary candy man Willy Wonka He was having dinner with director Tim Burton when he started discussing his plans for a new version of the 1971 movie - and Johnny didn't let him finish the sentence.
Well the Candy Man can and the Candy Man did, which in this case means $12.
Can't say we'd go for boys in blue, red or pink polish for that matter, but according to Dineh Mohajer, founder of the Candy Man collection, (Antonio Banderas, Lenny Kravitz and Quentin Tarantino are all customers) nail enamel is going to be big news for guys in the know this summer.
And for the more adventuresome shopper, last year Hard Candy cosmetics introduced a line of men's nail enamel, called Candy Man, that targets guys with such studly colors as Gigolo (metallic black) and Testosterone (gunmetal silver).
Still, some other lots "Sometimes it makes you feel like the candy man.
New National PowerBar Television Commercial Features Lakers' Star Known as the Candy Man
The group also had a hit with It's a Small World and featured on Sammy Davis jnr's No1 hit The Candy Man which was featured in the film Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, although sung by actor Aubrey Woods.
She said she never saw Candy Man with a gun," Detective Murphy testified.
However, this far cheaper version features a superb turn from Gene Wilder as the eponymous candy man and a likeable script by Dahl himself.
There's chocolate box Victoriana from designer Paul Farnsworth mixed with modern sleight of hand courtesy of illusionist Paul Kieve while musical director Stuart Pedlar keeps the tempo bouncing along through a series of songs which, while only a couple - Thank You Very Much being one - are memorable, form a jolly and irresistible (as you'd expect from the composer of The Candy Man and Talk to the Animals) soundtrack.
The other half declined a pudding, still struggling with his main meal, but the kids went for the Millionaires Candy man (pounds 4.
30pm, police were called to the Candy Man sweet shop in Cullercoats, North Tyneside.