Canarypox Virus

An avipoxvirus and etiologic agent of canarypox, a disease of wild and captive birds, which can enter but not survive and multiply in human cells; it was proposed as a live vector for HIV vaccines, as it can carry a large quantity of foreign genes
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The cancer vaccine under study is delivered via a live recombinant canarypox virus vector engineered to elicit specific immune responses for cancer immunotherapy.
Aventis Pasteur's colorectal vaccine relies on what is known as the Alvac canarypox virus.
1 is a unique cancer vaccine under development that uses a viral vector system derived from the canarypox virus.
The book finishes with presentations on a novel principle of attenuation for developing new generation live flavivirus vaccines, on tick-borne encephalitis, and on a recombinant vaccine developed from a canarypox virus carrying the prM/E genes of West Nile virus that will protect horses against a West Nile virus--mosquito challenge, and on diagnosis of zoonotic viral encephalitis.
Both strains were found in all 3 passerine taxa, and sequences from both strains were less than 5% different from each other and from canarypox virus.
Recombinant canarypox virus vaccine carrying the prM/E genes of West Nile virus protects horses against a West Nile virus-mosquito challenge.
Two vaccines are available for vaccinating equines: an inactivated WNV vaccine and a recombinant vaccine that uses canarypox virus to express WNV antigens (44,45).
However, 4 samples (18%) had antibody to canarypox virus antigen with test sample and negative control ratios (P/N values) ranging from 2.
It makes use of a modified canarypox virus, ALVAC(2), which has been shown in an extensive body of research to promote immune responses in humans.
The two companies will combine the ALVAC canarypox virus platform of Aventis Pasteur, the vaccines business of Aventis, and Vivalis' proprietary avian stem cell platform to enable Aventis Pasteur to improve the large-scale production of several ALVAC vaccine candidates.
In studies conducted in rhesus macaque monkeys, a prime-boost regimen with Merck's replication-defective adenovirus type 5 vector (Ad5) vaccine candidate given first, and Aventis Pasteur's canarypox virus vector (ALVAC) vaccine candidate given afterward, stimulated levels of cellular immune responses against HIV-1 that were higher than levels seen using the Ad5 vector alone, according to Emilio A.