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warrant canaries to inform the public about particular types of national
What lifesaving feats did these canaries carry out in nearly 80 years of service?
To make this happen, the Canaries need morale, and that gives added importance to Sunday's match at Kadir Has.
Prendront part, sans doute, a cette seance de lancement, Mohamed Boussaid, Wali de la Region Souss Massa Dr, Brahim Hafidi, President du Conseil Regional SMD et Paulino Rivero Baute, President du Gouvernement des Iles Canaries en presence des membres de la delegation canarienne, la presse et les operateurs regionaux (elus , services exterieurs.
Bird breeders preparing for next weekend's National Cage & Aviary Birds Exhibition at the National Exhibition Centre revealed that Americans have been importing male canaries in their thousands since the September 11 World Trade Centre atrocities.
Tenerife, a province of Spain, is the largest of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa, and benefits from the so-called Canaries cold-stream, which has an extraordinary moderating effect on its climate (yearly temperatures range from 64 degrees to 78 degrees and from the refreshing trade winds, so greatly appreciated by seafarers.
Fener Yellow Canaries are hoping their walking wounded recover before the all-important encounter against Steaua at the 27,557-capacity Steaua Stadium this evening.
He was going to put one on me, it was absolutely not to do with marking canaries.
The left-handed reliever, whose career was interrupted by seven drug-related suspensions, signed last month with the Sioux Falls Canaries, who open their season in the independent Northern League on May 30.
SAN DIEGO -- "The Fortune 500 fired more people than they hired in the last thirty years," claimed Gary Sutton, author of "Corporate Canaries.
READERS who took up the Holiday Spot offer last Saturday (Page 42) for a luxury cruise to the Canaries should not have too high hopes of visiting the site pictured.
The canaries that used to accompany workers into coal mines had a serious job to do, serving as crude air quality sensors for methane gas.