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Wilma J., 20th-century U.S. radiologist. See: Cronkhite-Canada syndrome.
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The impact of immigration on the opportunity structure of the Canadian-born is also not addressed in this volume.
Finally, despite over-time improvements in the home ownership gaps, most visible minority immigrant groups lagged behind both white immigrants and the Canadian-born (Haan).
Canadian-born Nielsen's first success was as the space ship commander in the 1956 science fiction classic Forbidden Planet.
Homestay students were compared to: a) immigrant youth living with their parent(s) and b) Canadian-born East Asian youth living with their parent(s).
Examining some common examples where the Canadian-born child has one U.
Even among visible minorities, recent immigrants appear to value education more than those where both the students and their parents are Canadian-born (Smith, Schneider, and Ruck 2005).
Summary: BinHendi Hospitality has introduced Second Cup cafE[umlaut]COs signature coffee experience to the residents of Al Ain, opening the cityCOs first branch of the popular Canadian-born franchise within Al Ain Mall.
Postpartum depression symptoms are more common in newcomer women than in Canadian-born women, a research team at McMaster University reports in the Feb.
The Canadian-born frontman started brightly, testing Shane Higgs from 18 yards before missing Delroy Facey's cross.
Canadian-born Hargreaves claims he is not being disrespectful to his current club but wants to play in the country he calls home.
Licensed psychotherapist and spiritual teacher Kiara Windrider with Canadian-born mystic Grace Sears present Deeksha: The Fire from Heaven, a guide to attaining enlightenment through deeksha, a process based on a spiritual movement originating in India's Golden City.
In nine short stories, Chinese Canadian teen characters--boys, girls, Canadian-born, newly immigrated--provide an elegantly diversified sense of what coming of age can mean to those who are bicultural.

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