Canadian Nurses Association

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Canadian Nurses Association

the professional association for registered nurses in Canada. Its stated mission is “to foster excellence in nursing practice, education, research and management, to advocate high quality health care in Canada and internationally, and to speak on behalf of Canadian nurses on nursing and health related issues.”

Canadian Nurses Association (CNA)

the official national organization for the professional registered nurses of Canada who are members of the nine provincial nurses' associations, the Northwest Territories Registered Nurses Association, and the Yukon Registered Nurses Association. The CNA, a federation of these 11 associations, is supported by membership fees from the association members. The chief objective of the CNA is to promote high standards of nursing practice, education, research, and administration in order to achieve high quality of nursing care in the interest of the people of Canada. It is concerned with the standards of education for nurses, social and economic welfare of nurses, advancement of competence and expertise within the profession, promotion of unity and understanding among the members, and national and international representation of the organized profession of nurses. A board of elected directors and a permanent staff working at CNA House in Ottawa manage the affairs of the organization. Among the services provided are a research and advisory unit that studies trends in nursing and health and prepares briefs when necessary; a national library containing reference works, the national and international archives of nursing, and up-to-date lists of educational programs in nursing; an information service that collects and disseminates information about nursing and publishes The Canadian Nurse and L'infirmière Canadienne; a labor relations service; a certification program; a testing service; a governmental liaison service; and an international service that facilitates a working relationship with various organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization. All services are provided in the two official languages of Canada, English and French. The CNA is a member of the International Council of Nursing.

Canadian Nurses Association



The official national organization for professional nurses from the 10 provinces of Canada and the Northwest Territories. All services provided by the organization are offered in English and French.
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The Canadian Nurses for Health and the Environment (CNHE), an emerging group of the Canadian Nurses Association, is a new resource for registered nurses who are dedicated to the improvement of environmental health across all domains of nursing practice, policy, research and education.
For example, the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) argues for models of care to put individuals, families and communities first, for the implementation of primary health care for all, for attention to Canadians at risk of falling behind, and for strategic investment to improve the factors that determine health.
In addition to her extensive volunteer work on committees related to addressing seniors issues, she is a mentor for the Canadian Nurses Association s Gerontology Exam Preparation program in the Atlantic region.
The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) is proud to announce that past president Judith Shamian has been elected president of the International Council of Nurses (ICN).
The event was organized by the National Expert Commission and the Canadian Nurses Association, and was hosted by Sharon Johnston, wife of Governor General David Johnston.
With the assistance of a senior nursing consultant from the Canadian Nurses Association, Think-Tank participants were recruited by e-mail to voluntarily attend this one-day knowledge exchange event.
Organizations such as the Canadian Nurses Association, Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, National League for Nursing and American Association of Colleges of Nursing have sought to quantify the problem, but little research exists in order to assess what can be done about these trends.
This process centralized the care of people to a single setting and institution, for the purpose of efficiency which promoted care in large institutional settings (Baumgart & Larsen, 1992; Canadian Nurses Association, 2005).
We then traveled to Ottawa and met with Della Faulkner, PhD Nurse Consultant, Public Policy from the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA).
Kaaren Neufeld, president of the Canadian Nurses Association said: "Although we don't know what the final form the Obama health care measures will take, broader healthcare coverage will more than likely mean more demand for nurses.
She brought previous experience from the First World War, tempered by interwar roles with the Victorian Order of Nurses and the Canadian Nurses Association, to the diverse contexts of the Second World War.
The Canadian Nurses Association points out that Canada's health system will succeed in meeting the health needs of Canadians only if a significant commitment to innovation and productivity in health care is made by the federal government.

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