Cambrian Explosion

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A 1 million–12 million-year burst of evolutionary activity that occurred ±525 million years ago, during which the diverse life forms that now exist on the planet evolved. Before that time, most organisms were simple, composed of individual cells occasionally organized into colonies
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Their writing greatly expands the case Meyer argues for in Darwin's Doubt, ranging across subjects like orphan genes, cladistics, the famous "small shelly fossils," protein evolution, the length of the Cambrian explosion, the God-of-the-Gaps objection to ID, and more.
Most of the hypotheses have at least a kernel of truth, but each is insufficient to have been the single cause of the Cambrian explosion.
This Cambrian explosion of realisation spewed within my young mind and I decided to start by expanding a short story that I had penned in an English lesson into a funny, intelligent, intriguing, original novel replete with fascinating settings and characters.
Proponents of intelligent design claim the Cambrian explosion of 545 million years ago, when the body plans of the ancestors of most animals developed, occurred too rapidly be explained by the gradual process of Darwinian evolution.
Another reason why the simple view of oxygen as the driver of the Cambrian explosion is questioned is that this explanation has holes in it.
The first five chapters of the book discuss different aspects of science and how they relate to God, touching on such subjects as the big bang, fine-tuning of particles and forces, chemical evolution, irreducible complexity, new genetic information, fossils, geologic time, and the Cambrian explosion.
The film explores the Cambrian Explosion, a period in Earth's history some 530 million years ago when, some scientists say, fossils indicate that complex life evolved more rapidly than Charles Darwin theorized.
Fossilized embryos predating the Cambrian Explosion by 10,000,000 years provide evidence that early animals already had begun to adopt some of the structures and processes seen in today's embryos, say researchers from Amherst (Mass.
The move to the sea may have triggered the Cambrian explosion, a period marked by a huge growth in animal diversity, says Knauth.
Bilateral body plans were not thought to have become common until 50m years later, when evolution is said to have gone into overdrive in the so-called Cambrian Explosion of 540m years ago.
Cambrian Ventures is made up of two entities that focus on different stages in the company lifecycle: Cambrian Explosion and Cambrian Fund.
Instead, it intensifies the problem of the Cambrian explosion, because it contains fossils previously known only from China.