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Phylogenetic analysis of the nucleotide sequences of Chatanga virus strains, the new representative of California encephalitis serocomplex, isolated in different regions of the Russian Federation [in Russian].
Serodiagnosis and epidemiology of a California encephalitis group of infections in the Ryazan region.
The EIP Encephalitis Project represents the largest cohort of patients (>5,000) with encephalitis studied to date: >4,000 case-patients were enrolled in the California Encephalitis Project and >700 in the Tennessee Unexplained Encephalitis Project.
Testing of residual samples from the California Encephalitis Project confirmed that anti-NMDAR encephalitis affects a much broader spectrum of patients, including male and pediatric patients without a neoplastic antigenic stimulus (27).
The California Encephalitis Project (CEP), initiated in 1998 to study the causative agents, epidemiology, and clinical features of encephalitis, has identified 20 cases of culture-confirmed tuberculous encephalitis.
We thank the clinicians for referring patients to the California Encephalitis Project and the laboratory staff in the Viral and Rickettsial Disease Laboratory (Richmond, CA) and Microbial Disease Laboratory (Richmond) as well as the Contra Costa County Public Health Laboratory (Martinez, CA) for performing diagnostic testing.
Enzootic monitoring by the California Encephalitis Virus Surveillance Program and associated field research projects provided an effective early warning that detected the introduction of WNV into rural southeastern California before reported avian, equine, or human illness.
Funds that defray most of the cost of the California Encephalitis Virus Surveillance Program were provided by mosquito and vector control districts and other local agencies.
Since 1998, serum and other samples (cerebrospinal fluid [CSF], throat and rectal swabs, brain tissue) from patients with encephalitis have been submitted to the California Encephalitis Project by participating physicians throughout California.
The arbovirus California encephalitis virus was first isolated in 1943 from mosquitoes collected in Kern County, California (1).

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