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Retrieval of a root fragment from the maxillary sinus--an appreciation of the Caldwell-Luc procedure.
The patient underwent another Caldwell-Luc procedure, and this time the bony lesion was completely removed.
Dentigerous cysts of the maxillary sinus, and the impacted tooth within, are often easily removed via a Caldwell-Luc procedure.
The patient was started on clindamycin and taken to the operating room, where we performed a left Caldwell-Luc procedure.
Dependent drainage through an inferior antrostomy may benefit patients with disturbed mucociliary transport--for example, patients with cystic fibrosis or those who have undergone mucosal stripping during a Caldwell-Luc procedure.
Computed tomography of the paranasal sinuses demonstrated a left unilateral maxillary sinus opacification that had been produced by an ectopic molar: The tooth was removed via an endoscopic approach rather than with a traditional Caldwell-Luc procedure.
The traditional method of ensuring complete removal of the antral portion has been the Caldwell-Luc procedure.
Gravitation-dependent drainage and aeration through an inferior meatal antrostomy may benefit patients with disturbed mucociliary transport secondary to mucosal stripping during a Caldwell-Luc procedure or secondary to cystic fibrosis.
2) The infraorbital nerve can be injured during a Caldwell-Luc procedure when the facial flap is elevated at the point where the nerve exits the infraorbital foramen.
In the past, the mainstay of treatment for sinusitis with complications has been standard open operations, such as external ethmoidectomy and the Caldwell-Luc procedure.
The multiple techniques used in our case included endoscopic sinus surgery, a limited Caldwell-Luc procedure, and a transoral approach, which provided complete visualization of the tumor and allowed for its complete removal.