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city in India.
Calcutta technique - a technique used in therapeutic irradiation by infrared rays; first observed in Calcutta, India.
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With the cachet of having been sent from the Theatre Royal with David Garrick's recommendation, Barnard Messink flourished in Calcutta.
I remember it too from the Louis Malle documentary film Calcutta (1970), which the Indian Government objected to because its reality denigrated the country.
1 -- color in Simi edition only) Actress Olivia Hussey receives the Mother Teresa Award in Thousand Oaks on Tuesday at a screening of the biographical film "Mother Teresa of Calcutta," in which she portrays the nun who won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Wexford native, Gordon, who will be waering his county colours, said: "In the slums of Calcutta, child prostitutes are commonplace, they have no other way of making money.
British Merchants in Eighteenth-Century Bengal," Bengal, Past and Present 95 (1976): 151-63; Marshall, "British Society Under the East India Company," Modern Asian Studies 31 ((1997): 89-108; Marshall, "The White Town of Calcutta Under the Rule of the East India Company," Modern Asian Studies 34 (2000): 307-31; Farhat Hassan, "Indigenous Cooperation and the Birth of a Colonial City: Calcutta, c.
Almost forty years ago in Calcutta, I was vaccinated against smallpox on the inside of the forearm.
But others, such as the drug dealer who shows Maria how to swallow large pellets of cocaine, the hotel staffer who threatens to reveal Rusesabagina's protection of Tutsis and Calcutta parents who expect their daughters to "join the line" of prostitution, are the quintessential villains at whom we direct all anger, discomfort, sadness and rage.
In work presented at the conference, Lahiri and colleagues examined 2,000 nonsmoking adults from Calcutta and Delhi and 300 from the rural Sunderban region, where air pollution is extremely low.
But conversion or no conversion, India would have been much worse off but for the great inputs by missionaries, and that goes for Chatterjee, Calcutta, and most of the Third World.
Court cases can take decades in India, so the Calcutta High Court agreed yesterday to let the show go on the air on July 7, but demanded the TV company to deposit money in case it some day loses the main case.
The man had arrived in Calcutta on Wednesday (2 April) with a high fever, thus prompting health officials to detain the man for a checkup.
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