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A natural mineral structure that the crystal lattice of bones and teeth (that is, amorphous hydroxyapatite) closely resembles; used in chromatography of nucleic acids; also found in pathologic calcifications (for example, atherosclerotic aortas).
Synonym(s): hydroxylapatite


/hy·drox·yl·ap·a·tite/ (hi-drok″sil-ap´ah-tīt) hydroxyapatite.


, hydroxylapatite (hī-drok″sē-ap′ă-tīt″) (″sĭ-lap′ă-tīt″) [ hydro- + ²oxy- + apatite ]
Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2; the calcium- and phosphorus-containing compound that constitutes the bulk of the mineral structure of bones and teeth. In teeth it is soluble in the acids of soft drinks or carbohydrate fermentation, but it becomes decay-resistant fluoroapatite after combining with fluoride ions present in fluoridated water or fluoride toothpastes. Under some circumstances, it can deposit in and around joints, producing periarthritis or calcific tendinitis.
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Over time the RADIESSE Voice implant carrier gel is resorbed and the Calcium Hydroxylapatite particles support in-growth of new collagen.
7 cc of calcium hydroxylapatite in an average of just 11 minutes, Dr.
According to the terms of the settlement, Artes has granted to BioForm an exclusive license under certain Artes patents to make and sell implant products containing Calcium Hydroxylapatite particles, including BioForm's Coaptite(R) and Radiesse(TM) products, and a non-exclusive license under the same patents to make and sell certain other non-polymeric implant products.
But now, new scientific data from a rigorous clinical study using calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), an innovative augmenting agent trademarked Radiesse finds that 94% of study patients with vocal fold insufficiency showed improvement in their voice quality six months after treatment.
Composed of tiny, smooth calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) particles suspended in a water-based gel carrier, Radiesse(TM) has been proven safe and biocompatible in numerous soft tissue applications.
Northington explained that while fillers were first used on targeted lines and creases, today deeper, thicker fillers - such as polylactic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, polymethyl methacrylate, and hyaluronic acid - can be used in large areas to rebuild the lost volume in the cheek.
A 52-Month Summary of Results Using Calcium Hydroxylapatite for Facial Soft Tissue Augmentation - THOMAS L.
Unlike other fillers composed of hyaluronic acid, Radiesse is a gel containing smooth calcium hydroxylapatite particles, similar to the mineral in bone, which is injected into the skin through a safe, minimally invasive procedure.
5) The compound is made up of calcium hydroxylapatite particles suspended in a carboxymethylcellulose gel.
She reported that Radiesse has advanced microsphere technology that relies on calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) particles in a water-based gel carrier.
Radiesse is a synthetic, injectable implant composed of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres (diameter range, 25 to 45 [micro]m) suspended in an aqueous gel carrier.
Radiesse is composed of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres in a water- based gel carrier.