Calcium Soap

A descriptive term for the often numerous chalky, white-to-pale yellow, rounded lenticular precipitates caused by lipase-induced fat necrosis, which cover the peritoneum and pancreas. These millet seed-sized masses are classically associated with acute pancreatitis, and seen on gross examination of the peritoneal surface of the abdominal cavity
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Reduced heat energy as a result of lower microbial fermentation and less energy loss by calcium soap may be the other reason for higher ME intake of lambs in Ca-soap group.
It has been widely reported that calcium soap can prolong the long-term thermal stability of PVC (20).
Effect of a calcium soap of fatty acids on reproductive characteristics and lactation performance of fat-tailed sheep.
03 per side) Matt Yes Yes Gloss None None Table 4: Performance of coated paper surface Performance test Metallic soap Ink Color Water retention retention resistance Calcium soap EX EX VH Copper soap EX EX VH Cobalt soap EX EX VH Iron soap EX EX VH EX = Excellent, VH = Very high.
Vestowax AS-1550 PE wax containing a calcium soap, essentially internal acting.
Key Words: Bypass Fat, Calcium Soap, Crossbred Cows, Milk Composition, Milk Yield, Nutrient Utilization, Palm Oil Fatty Acids)
Vestowax AS-1550 - Polyethylene wax containing a calcium soap, essentially internal acting.
Vestowax AS-1550--Polyethylene wax containing a calcium soap, essentially internal acting.
3) In asteroid hyalosis, calcium soaps produce bright echoes on B-Scan, (3) PVD produces a smooth membrane with low reflectivity whereas RD exhibits a more tethered and restricted after movement.
The researchers concluded that the FOG deposition was mainly due to the saponification reaction that produces calcium soaps.