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character in Old Testament of the Bible who killed his brother Abel out of jealousy.
Cain complex - hatred of a brother due to envy or jealousy. Synonym(s): brother complex
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And Caines admitted: 'There is nothing sweeter than beating an opponent knowing you will be heading off for a Big Mac after the race and he'll be eating pasta
For those who are new to Michael Caines, I look forward to seeing and meeting you soon.
Caines, a former financial adviser from Birmingham, was arrested shortly after the murder - police had found his baseball cap and watch near the scene.
Friends and supporters of Caines, 43, who has always maintained his innocence, have already lodged a second appeal at the Birmingham Criminal Cases Review Committee.
Newport-based Baulch, the 1999 world indoor champion, has raced Caines twice this season with little success.
Each balloon has been sponsored by a friend or supporter and represents each week Caines has been imprisoned.
Caines, who has spent almost 10 years behind bars, expects to be released in three years, but says he will fight on for as long as necessary to prove his innocence.
ENGLAND'S Daniel Caines came agonisingly close to adding a bronze in the 400m but just missed out to reigning world champion Avard Moncur of the Bahamas by one hundreth of a second.
DANIEL CAINES won 400m gold in the World Indoor Championships - and put his victory down to porridge.
In truth, while the Caines live it up, they keep a close eye on their finances.
Pearls by Michael Caines opens on October 1, after a soft launch in mid-September, on the site of the hotel's former Scott's seafood restaurant - a two-storey building protruding into the sea, adjacent to the pool and beach front.