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character in Old Testament of the Bible who killed his brother Abel out of jealousy.
Cain complex - hatred of a brother due to envy or jealousy. Synonym(s): brother complex
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Cain says the proposal is "highly unworkable" and would hurt the competitiveness of "certain classes of retailers.
In order to facilitate this process, God empowers Cain to reaffirm his faith both in the possibility of a just world and in his own ability to be master of his emotions and behaviour.
In accepting Cain, POC president Jose Cojuangco Jr.
Aston Cain was initially backed by Welsh angel investors, Portland Management.
I'm a low-key type of guy," said Cain, who appeared anything but low key in his confrontation with White Sox pitcher Jeff Samardzija.
Cain Scrimgeour's pictures, above and below, show the kittiwakes perched dizzylingly high over Tyneside's streets
Cain described herself as "the most nervous I've ever been for a race," facing the prospect of being the first U.
Cain angrily denied the charges and said he was quitting the presidential race "because of the continued distractions and hurt caused to me and my family.
With the help of his dad, he landed an interview with Coca-Cola; its management was so impressed that they hired Cain even though no jobs were available, creating for him the position "manager of management science" (p.
According to another source, the two options Cain is weighing are "continuing forward with the campaign, or suspending the campaign.
On his first trip to Iowa since decade-old sexual harassment allegations surfaced, Cain indirectly addressed the foreign policy problem by telling more than 200 people at a northeastern Iowa restaurant that the US needed to leave no doubt about its allies and enemies.
Summary: A defiant Herman Cain declared he would not end his bid for the Republican presidential nomination in the face of allegations of sexual harassment and called his latest accuser a tool of the "Democrat machine" in America.