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Greek mythological character raped by Poseidon, transformed into a fearsome male warrior in order to exact revenge.
Caenis syndrome - syndrome characterized by diminished or perverted appetite, hysterical personality, and female genital self-mutilation.
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169-209) Ovid recounts the tale of Caenis, a woman from Thessaly, who upon her request was changed by Neptune into the man Caeneus.
The story of the Roman Emperor Vespasian and his mistress Antonia Caenis fascinated Lindsey, and, given the lack of information about Antonia, she decided to turn it into a novel.
Dominant macroinvertebrates collected at greater than 70% of the sites were: Caenis sp.
Vespasian and Caenis are immediately drawn to one another even though both realize the futility of their desire.
Fish have been feeding on green and black bloodworm, pin fry and caenis, making floating line with Diawl Bach, black buzzer, hares ear, pheasant tail, and Damsel nymph the best method.
Sharpley Springs: Best Flies: Green Buzzer, Olive Hare's Ear Shuttlecock, Olive Shipman's, Pond Olive Dun, Hackled Adams, Damsels, Sedgehog, Griffith's Gnat, Caenis Dun/Spinner, Pink Blob.
On Scyros, Thetis attempts to coax her boy into assuming feminine raiment by comparing several mythological characters who experienced gender transformation: Hercules, who dressed as a woman as a servant of Queen Omphale, the androgynous god Bacchus, Jupiter, who disguised himself as Diana when in pursuit of Callisto, and Caeneus / Caenis.
influential freedwoman Antonia Caenis, (6) was a somewhat slow starter
Alders, Caenis, Damsels, Nymphs, Buzzers and Sedges all did well.
Unfortunately we got a hatch of caenis and no matter how hard we tried, the fishing wouldn't look at any of our offerings.
The tiny caenis flies are on the water in large numbers in the evening, so the best time to fish at the moment is early in the morning.
Laboratory experiments were conducted to investigate the physiological tolerance ranges of the mayfly Caenis latipennis (Ephemeroptera: Caenidae) from Tanyard Branch Creek in Walker County, Texas in response to stepwise fluctuations in dissolved oxygen concentrations, temperature and pH.