Cabbage Soup Diet

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A 7-day fad diet whose advocates claim cabbage has unique fat-burning properties; any weight loss that does occur is due to the regimen’s low caloric intake
Pros Rapid weight loss for important event
Cons Boring selection of food; weight loss is transient and primarily water weight; headaches, weakness, loss of concentration; lacks required vitamins and minerals
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You can lose a lot of weight quickly on a cabbage soup diet, but it's super gross and not sustainable.
1950S: CABBAGE SOUP DIET DESIGNED to help shed weight fast, this popular fad came with some serious health risks.
Then came the 1960s, when the support groups and cabbage soup diet, which promised followers to lose 17 pounds, took over.
And let's not even touch on his resilience in dealing with the environmental hazard that was the cabbage soup diet.
She says: "All my life I've done every diet from the maple syrup diet to dieting pills, shake diets, the cabbage soup diet, the egg diet and the grapefruit diet.
She also expounded the virtues of variety as long as it's soup and said that it is not just the cabbage soup diet in disguise.
The old classic, the Cabbage Soup Diet which urges you to consume cabbage soup for a week while prohibiting foods like flours, sugars, alcohol and caffeine is still doing the rounds.
THE DETOX: Cabbage soup diet Praised by celebrities such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, below.
Fleur admits she was "the queen of every single fad diet going" and tried the cabbage soup diet several times.
Angela - Yep, I have an exciting weekend planned and after my few days on the cabbage soup diet I am really up for it.
Are you one of those people who have tried Atkins, South Beach and the cabbage soup diet and still can't seem to lose weight?