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chemical formula for calcium hydroxide.


A gene on chromosome 8q22 that encodes an isoenzyme of carbonic anhydrase, a zinc metalloenzyme that catalyses the reversible hydration of carbon dioxide. Carbonic anhydrase 2 is essential for bone resorption and osteoclast differentiation.

Molecular pathology
CA2 mutations are associated with osteopetrosis and renal tubular acidosis.
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Because several neuropsychiatric disorders are associated with altered social behaviors, our findings raise the possibility that CA2 dysfunction may contribute to these behavioral changes," Dr.
But stimulating slices from CA2 yielded no such increase.
Furthermore, the Israeli Supreme Court's argument, if taken to its logical conclusion, would purport to apply the law of international armed conflict to almost every civil war and, perhaps, even other forms of internal strife previously considered to be definitively outside the scope of CA2.
The final results are those that were estimated for all valid tows for the CA2 2005, ETCA 2005, and ETCA 2006 cruises combined.
2] including the unconditional transitions and will be stored in CA2.
ions occupy the center of the Ca2 triangles (6h positions), on the mirror planes at z = 1/4 and 3/4.
The cA2 is a ``humanized'' antibody - the portion that attaches to TNF comes from a mouse, while the rest comes from a person.
Meanwhile other groups are working to arrange trials of cA2 for multiple sclerosis.
This proved that sulfonated poly(styrene) has high affinity for nickel, and with other metals being in order Ni2+greater than Zn2+greater than Cu2greater than Ca2 and that affinity is dependent upon the solution of pH and counterion.
Using agents that chelate Ca2 +s, the effective concentration of calcium that would overload the tissues is reduced under the experimental conditions.