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The CYPF Act was the result of a lengthy process of consultation with various Maori groups following the release of a report entitled Puao-te-Ata-tu (Day Break) by the Ministerial Advisory Committee on a Maori Perspective for the Department of Social Welfare (1988).
Clearly, the CYPF Act sets out to provide policy on both of these counts: to address historical injustices against iwi Maori in particular, and to protect cultural diversity.
In total, the CYPF budget has identified a possible overspend of pounds 15.
The CYPF directorate also expects to be about pounds 2.
The CYPF Act requires that families and whanau, hapu, iwi and family groups be involved in deciding the best ways for addressing care and protection needs or dealing with offending behaviour.
The city is delighted at how the combined efforts and inputs of the school; its staff, students, parents and community, Lend Lease, Aston Pride, and the Transforming Education team in the CYPF directorate have combined to deliver such an exciting building," he said.