CW agent

CW a·gent

Abbreviation for chemical-warfare agent.
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RSDL brought science-based innovation to CW agent and T-2 toxin decontamination," said Laura Cochrane, Director, Development Programs for RSDecon.
A patented, broad-spectrum liquid CW agent decontaminant, RSDL neutralizes or removes CW agents and T2 toxin from skin on contact, leaving a non-toxic residue that can be rinsed off with water.
As late as 2011, the director of national intelligence gave a strikingly similar, updated statement to Congress, stating that "Syria continued to seek dual-use technology from foreign sources" and "has a stockpile of CW agents, which can be delivered by aerial bombs, ballistic missiles, and artillery rockets.
At present, it seems unlikely that CW will be used again in large-scale warfare, but it is reasonably believed that rogue organizations and some non-signatory countries are working on the development of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), including CW agents.
The correct title for this piece of equipment is a Hand-Held Explosives, CW Agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals or Narcotics Trace Detection Scanner.
The models were not fully developed for analyzing long-range dispersion of CW agents as an environmental hazard.
Finally, we believe that North Korea has a sizeable stockpile of chemical weapons, and can manufacture all manner of CW agents.
Unscom had found documents that verified that "spray/drop tanks for the dissemination of CW agents had been successfully tested with mustard agent and that the necessary stocks of bulk CW agents had been reserved for their filling", leading Unmovic to list the programme as an "unresolved disarmament issue".
forces to defend against BW and CW agents by developing and procuring the capabilities to avoid contamination (through adequate detection and warning/reconnaissance), protect forces (through individual and collective protective gear and adequate medical support), and improve decontamination measures.
Tension persists between the USA and Libya, recently exacerbated by the discovery of a chemical factory suspected of manufacturing CW agents.
The CLCs trained in the identification of CW agents and tested the effectiveness of defensive equipment.
RSDL has been shown to deliver this improved capability against CW agents, and we are pleased to now be able to offer the product to our armed service branches.