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Mr Koutsantonis said motorists should expect no changes to the way they pay for their CTP insurance.
He said the CTP was utilizing all available resources to ensure smooth flow of traffic on roads by enforcing traffic laws without any discremination.
He said that staff of CTP helpline responded to these calls professionally and politely to facilitate the people by providing them complete information regarding their queries.
PROLOR is using the exact same CTP peptide to extend the duration of action of otherprotein therapeutics, including human growth hormone (hGH-CTP) and interferon beta,with the aim of reducing the number of injections required for these chronicindications.
The potential utility of the CTP technology has been demonstrated by Schering-Plough, which is developing the technology for fertility applications only.
Mortgage bankers can offer flexible CTP mortgages to help builders manage their bank lines of credit.
While the study results showed that CTP outcomes are not better than outcomes with other living donors, "for the 50- to 60-year old patient, an adult son or daughter may be the only living donor option," said Cohen.
Now that we will be combined under one umbrella, CTP and Action will be the only truly national aftermarket accessory company that deals in all aspects of the aftermarket accessory business in Canada.
He said, along with distributing the pamphlets CTP arranged more than 30 lectures in educational institutions, 28 in on public services vehicles while deliver 28 lectures to auto mobile vehicle owners.
Secretary - Roberta Eiseman, CTP, Director, Corporate Treasury Programs, SunGard Data Systems, Inc.
According to a spokesman for traffic police, the CTO said that CTP helpline 0423-1915, radio FM 88.