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Addition of CT venography increases the gonadal radiation dose 500-fold in women and 2,000-fold in men compared to the dose from CT pulmonary angiography alone.
14,30,31) In a recent series of 137 patients with LE DVT who underwent CT venography, the most common site was in a muscular calf vein.
5) CT venography has recently been offered as another modality that can help in treatment planning by highlighting the location of an expansile petrous apex granuloma in relation to the jugular bulb and petrous carotid artery.
In emergency departments, either a CT scan or CT venography can be used if MRI is not available.
Newer techniques using CT include CT angiography (CTA), CT venography (CTV), and CT perfusion.
CT venography is not recommended in pregnancy to diagnose DVT.
The objective methods of making a diagnosis of DVT are venous compression ultrasonography, contrast venography, CT venography or MRI venography.
More sensitive noninvasive imaging techniques for diagnosis of DST include magnetic resonance (MR) imaging (showing loss of a flow void within the affected dural sinus), MR venography (showing loss of flow-related enhancement), and CT venography (in which the thrombus will be seen as a filling defect).
Combining CTPA and CT venography is likely the procedure of the future, Dr.
CT venography has advantages of speed and spatial resolution in comparison with MRV.
The combination of CT venography (CTV) and pulmonary angiography (CTVPA) was initially described in 1998 as a single comprehensive noninvasive imaging examination for suspected thromboembolic disease.