CT unit

CT u·nit

a unit of x-ray attenuation in each picture element of the CT image. See: Hounsfield unit.
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As well as holding the UK's first PR sheep sale, 10 years ago, CTC now hires it own mobile CT unit at IBERS Aberystwyth each year.
Vandreel Lydia, 1440 McKinley Ct Unit A; new detached secondary dwelling unit; $36,089
Even following the recent events in the South of Yemen, some army generals accused the president of deliberately surrendering provinces to "terrorists" and using the elite CT unit, which has received hundreds of millions dollars of support, in irrelevant conflicts in Sadaa and, more recently, in Sanaa.
It was common for a CT unit (costing around $1 million to $1.
The 256-slice CT unit is designed to acquire a large volume of data that can cover the brain or heart in a single rotation.
Other programs that will be new to the centre are mammography (breast cancer screening and diagnostic mammography) and chiropody (foot care), as well as approved space for computed tomography (CT), with the intent to have a CT unit operational once the building is up.
Kimps Ct Unit 29, Green Bay, WI 54313 Phone: 920-662 9646 Fax: 920-662 9648 Email: info@martorusa.
Task 2: Create, in conjunction with the host nation military, a set of criteria and characteristics of the proposed CT unit (Sep 2002).
Thus, when the ET unit is connected to the CT unit, molecular axes of ET and CT units may not be directed to the same direction.
A CT unit usually comprises a set of equipment to perform standard continuous-length tubing operations in the oil and gas fields.
RadNet will upgrade the existing CT unit at the center to a PET/CT scanner, which will be available to service the expanding need for leading-edge functional PET neuro-imaging used in diagnostic evaluation of degenerative brain diseases, such as Alzheimer's, as well as routine oncologic PET/CT applications.
A CT unit usually comprises a set of equipment to perform standard, continuous-length tubing operations in oil and gas fields.