CT scanning

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computed tomography

A diagnostic imaging technique in which multiple X-rays are taken from different angles in a single plane and a series of two-dimensional images (”slices”) of the different tissue densities—e.g., fat, muscle, bone, etc.—is constructed by computer. In contrast to conventional radiology, CT results in a 1000-fold increase in image resolution, and can pinpoint lesions < 2 mm in greatest dimension; dyes may be injected IV to increased resolution of abnormal tissue and blood vessels, or radiocontrast can be used for dynamic testing.

CT scanning

Computer-assisted tomography. An important method of internal X-ray scanning in which an image is built up by a computer from the data derived by analyzing and correlating the output from thousands of separate, serial, low-intensity readings, taken in successive thin planes. The radiation source is mounted on an arm that moves, between exposures, in a helix, and the radiation detector maintains a constant relationship to the source. Images can be reconstructed from the stored readings so as to appear in any desired plane or orientation. A recent development is spiral scanning that greatly speeds up the process and allows a complete chest scan within a single breath-hold. Also known as CAT scanning.

CT scanning

Computer tomography scanning is a diagnostic imaging tool that uses x rays sent through the body at different angles.
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Patient discussion about CT scanning

Q. I get bad headaches had ct scans and m.r.i. even sinus surgery, suffering 2yrs now, dizzness occurs too..

A. If all prior medical investigations turned out normal, and sinus surgery didn't help relieve your symptoms, I would suggest the reason for your headaches is probably migraine attacks, that can cause severe headaches, and no CT scan or MRI can diagnose them. The diagnosis is made clinically, by your doctor. Migraine headaches can be eased by proper medications, before and during an attack. You should consult a neurologist.

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