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CSCS is the leading skills certification scheme within the UK construction industry.
Paying for this CSCS training is simply an extension of that"
While CSCS and NUS began their semesters in the first and second weeks of January, respectively, MIT did not start until February.
CSCS would like for the surface community to mimic SOBT via a concept known as Ship Learning Continuum System (SLCS)," said David Tilley, the Training Simulation Requirements Analyst for CSCS.
These new standards will hopefully mean it will be easier for contractors to use the CSCS cards as a reliable method of checking that site workers have the appropriate skills and knowledge to work in a construction environment safely and effectively.
CSCS has, in a way, already found a place on the world cricketing map by hosting IPL matches at its state- of- the- art Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium in Raipur.
I felt like it was four years of preparation," CSCS Davenport said.
CSCS - the Construction Skills Certification Scheme - was set up to help the construction industry improve quality and reduce accidents.
The Cray XT5 system features more than 14,000 AMD Opteron cores for performance in excess of 140 teraflops and is accessed by CSCS users working in fields including chemistry, physics, material sciences, climatology, geology, biology, genetics, experimental medicine, astronomy, mathematics and computer sciences.
The scheme was set up to help the construction industry improve quality and reduce accidents, and CSCS cards are increasingly demanded as proof of occupational competence by organisations across the industry.
There is a government target that everyone who works on a building site should hold a CSCS or CPCS certificate by 2010 and we are ahead of schedule on that because we will do so by next year," he said.
In May 2005 Zoe Harcombe, the WDA human resources director, argued in a paper that the redundancy terms available to WDA staff should be brought into line with the CSCS as soon as possible.